Monday, 4 August 2014

Bindi at Indie - Indiependence 2014

So Indiependence is all over again for another year and it did not disappoint! Fab weekend all round :)Definitely the people going to these concerts are getting younger and younger which makes one feel slightly old but you'd get over that :P :) I wasn't into much of the actual acts but some I did go to were: Public Enemy, Tom Odell, and Walking on Cars. I was however, weak for the Fruit Market and Bacardi Tent where there were amazing DJs belting out the tunes all night..unreal!! Slight issue is the phone charging though, battery literally went every night which was disappointing and led to the losing of friends haha!

*** Also, going to San Diego on Friday (the 8th) so no posts for 2 weeks :) #gonzo  ** Check out a lovely girl I met over the weekend who just started her own blog recently :)

Outfit no.1 Friday
Jenny's Kimono is from Zara (i think)
Shorts - River Island
Hairband - topshop vintage 

Parka (which I have come to the conclusion is so unflattering to one's figure #avoid) Penneys :)
Top - Penneys
Shorts - Bershka 14.99
Boots - New Look (fun fact, actually left these in #mymumscar on friday and she went away with the car for the weekend.. no more boots #Getoutmecar :) )
Bindi & Hair chalk- Topshop
John Lennon sunglasses -eBay (now lost, heartbroken) here

Day Two:
Myself & Susan :)
Shirt - Only (sale ages ago)
Top - Topshop (sale) €6
Shorts - (jennys) Levis
Bindi - eBay €6 here (warning: you don't get to pick the colour)

Day 3: 

The nice ole' chap from Blink of an Eye photography came in handy for the OOTD pic haha #JobDone
Sunglasses - As before- Ebay
Shorts - Penneys
Bag - River Island
Top - Bershka
Hand harness- New Look
Body Chain - River Island €2
Scrunchie - River Island
Choker- Claires €6
Necklace - Topshop

Monday, 21 July 2014

Life Though.

Lack of pictures by myself recently..they make me scarlet!:L Here's myself, Avril and Jen
Top - Bershka (looooooads different colours..waiting for yellow stilll!:( )
Flatforms - River Island €27 (sale)
Joni Jeans- topshop €57
Necklace (present) - Topshop 

loved this outfit :) Rochelle from the Saturdays actually wears it in their new video What Are You Waiting For! 
Skirt & Top from Love Lisa roughly €25
Bag- Zara
Necklace- New Look €4
Pineapple cover- Claires €10

Thursday, 10 July 2014

What to Wear to a Festival!

There's loooooooooads of festivals coming up at the moment, Electric Picnic, Indiependence and then Glastonbury and Wireless etc over in the UK. I love dressing for festivals you can just do whatever you want for 3 whole days and its acceptable! The main things I'll be wearing to a festival this summer are:

1. Kimono (preferably with fringing) + Anything fringed.. (shorts, bags, tops)

2. Wellies (patterned,hunters, doc martins etc)
3. Bindi
4. Crochet tops/cardigans
5. Floral crowns/headbands
6. Denim Shorts 
7. Sunglasses
8. Check shirt/ Denim Jacket/Shirt

1. Kimonos have been everywhere this summer, in all different types of florals, patterns and colours. These can be got in every shop everywhere from Penneys to Topshop! (SALE)

2. Wellies .. 
These are definitely essential for a festival in Ireland, as it's more than likely going to be mucky :( However festivals outside Ireland i'd definitely chance cowboy boots/converse/knee high gladiator sandals or boots. I'd definitely recommend socks with wellies, I find cream or black knee high socks match the easiest, a little bow on the top is a nice touch! I got mine in New Look & Penneys last year, they were very inexpensive :)
Get these wellies and more different styles on eBay for €23 :)

3. Bindi
These i think will replace the floral crown trend that was seen all last summer. I've already got one at Topshop and can't wait to wear it! 

it was mostly Vanessa Hudgens who started this off at Coachella, her style of Bindi can be got on eBay for dirt cheap! 4 euro on eBay here
Kendall Jenner style bindi €7 which is currently on it's way to me :)

4. Crochet tops/cardigans

Vanessa setting the bar high once again... get it for €8 on eBay, Loving this in black also!

5. Floral crowns/headbands:
River Island, Topshop, Penneys, New Look...everywhere but also ebay :D Feeling these are slightly common as they're on every Tom Dick and Harry's head at the moment...henceforth - BINDIS 8) 

€9 on eBay

6. Denim Shorts
These are definitely a staple for festivals, and can be purchased everywhere and anywhere! I got a gorgeous pair from Bershka, high waisted of course for €14.99! The colour is just stunning!:) I also have an acid wash pair from River Island they cost €25. WARNING: do NOT purchase the eBay shorts I mentioned in a previous post as they are like a sack of potatoes. Nah, thank God they were only €4! I also have another printed denim pair from Penneys that were only €9 so thats definitely worth a look as well. 

7. Sunglasses
Sunnies are a really simple touch to instantly festival-ify your personal faves are the round aviators and the John lennon round style sunglasses we've seen recently. Here's a few i picked out on eBay. 

These beauts should be in post to me soon..€7.39 eBay

8. Denim shirt/jacket Checked shirt
here's two of my friends Shauna & Jenny with their denim & checked shirts last year :L they can be worn on, or tied around the hips aswell..handy if your shorts might be a bit too short!:) 
Some people prefer denim jackets oversized, I got mine in my usual size however, in Only for €24.95 reduced from €45!:) Its beautiful with acid wash going through it and a few rips aswell. These are in penneys too and most other high street stores. I like to roll up the sleeves aswell to take away that 'bringing me back to my childhood' look!:P 

This post took forever :Z

somebody to you- The Vamps ft Demi Lovato
Am I wrong - Nico Vinz <3
Amnesia - 5SOS
Bus Pass - Wiley..the lyrics i find amusing..'I use my passport like a buspass' haha!:)
Salsa Tequila - Anders Nilsen
SecondCity- I wanna Feel

Monday, 7 July 2014

21st Birthday Outfit :)

I celebrated my 21st last week and had a fantastic day and week from start to finish!:) I really wanted a nice stand out dress, and was looking out for something embellished. I was delighted when I saw this beautiful dress on the Miss Selfridge website, and then on sale, reduced in cork for €105!
My sister treated me to a champagne breakfast in Ardmore Cliff House Hotel which was amazing, over looking the sea on a beautiful sunny morning!Definitely the  only way i'd get up that early!:P

Then I went to Eco's in Douglas my favourite restaurant with the rest of my family we had a great night, my sister had organised for it to be all decorated with balloons and banners, and my cake was from Johhnnie Cupcakes in Mahon Point!(Vanilla & Choc Chip).

It was my friend Jenny's birthday too so we had double 21st celebrations last friday, drinks and food before hand with the girls and out afterwards..very enjoyable from start to finish! 

Something exciting, we booked flights to San Diego for August so we're off to America! Will put my eBay bikinis to good use!:) 

Red Velvet cupcakes made by Jenny..hate when people sing Happy birthday to me :L

2 birthday girls :)
My dress is from Miss Selfridge €105
Jennys dress is from River Island and was about €60

 Tara, Joanne, Myself, Jenny, Avril, Maeve and Jen

Eco's in Douglas, would recommend to anyone!:)

Me and 'bae' as they say..never knew that stood for Before Anyone Else?!? All out in her 'wedding costume' hahahha :)

Song of the week: Overdrive - Oliver Heldens, Gecko

Friday, 20 June 2014

eBay Bargains - Bikinis and Festival Wear

It's probably clear by now that I am quite the eBay lover. I get my love of eBay from my favourite blogger SheWearsFashion, I've followed her with years and what I usually do is; anything she buys from eBay, I look it up, find the seller and go through all their products. 
Something I've been finding really annoying is the lack of nice bikinis in the gaff!( Cork :P) and online. They're just so expensive for a nice decent high waisted bikini it will cost you €30. So I was overjoyed when I found bikinis you wouldnt even SEE on the high street here for a fiver... DO get a bigger size than you normally wear, as I found out from a skort that came from Hong Kong, their 8/10 is probably realistically a size 6??? So beware :)
here's some of the gems I found:

Love this one, so simple and definitely something you would have seen on a celebrity.. get it here for €4 ! 

This bikini looks teensy, so do go up a size or two!Better having a bikini too big than too small I think!
Get this exotic number for €8 here.

These will be coming into my wardrobe for indie..buzzing! :) Four euro on eBay

Love a bit of high hard to find for a good price! Get it here for €6

Also considering these for indie.. eBay bound again here for €3!

Delighted I found this, these types of bikinis are literally EVERYWHERE, missguided, high street everywhere... so very happy to have found it oneBay as per for €6

absolutely weak for this at €9.. SO like the Kelly Brook rage at New Look..this is just amazing!!

these are also sooo similar to what has been on Missguided! Definitely purchasing a one piece!

Get this neon number for €6

High waisted....say no more! ;)

Also, I started watching Orange Is The New Black...really didnt think it would be my thing but i am hooked! Love Crazy Eyes, Poussé and Tasty.. what characters! :):L

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Summer Staples 2014

For me, there's a few things standing out to me that are essential for the summer..

1. White Jeans
2. Yellow (anything!)
3. Kimonos..perfect for festivals AND everyday AND out
4. Jelly Shoes
5. Fruits & Florals

There is a watermelon printed crop top and dress in New Look in Cork for anyone who's a fan! The shoes I saw on a friend recently...they were amazing! They're from River Island :)

I myself have found fruit printed items very hard to find in Ireland or online..they're just flying out the door!
The bag above is from New Look but I havn't seen it in the shops and its out of stock online :( 
The bikinis are from Penneys but somehow I don't think they'll make it to Cork?:(

Not the best pics of Jelly shoes, but you'll see in previous posts what they look like on! 
Love Perrie's look with the socks..would definitely wear a bit more than tho, especially when the shoes are clear! These are available everywhere...Penneys and New Look especially!

The likes of Shenae Grimes and Nicole Richie rocking the kimonos! Perfect as a cardigan on a night out over disco pants and a crop top, or just during the day with a t shirt and jeans!

Celebs rocking the fruit trend

Clutch is from New Look once again, Necklace is from Topshop (available in Cork)
Pants- River Island
Bikini - New Look...good luck finding in Cork i'd say!

White jeans..tan is essential with these! My jeans only go one wear and they're dirty..such a pity!
Probably shrinking each time! These are available everywhere, Penneys, Only/Villa/Vera Moda, Topshop (Joni Jeans). Very see through however so white/nude underwear is advisable!:P 

Yellow is a colour that's just everywhere at the moment, both neon and bright yellow! I got a crop top seen in my previous post in love Lisa for €20 recently and it goes with so many things! Also Penneys have a lovely chiffon yellow Kimono for €9 at the moment.

So, I've done quite a bit of shopping recently #RetailTherapy between Dublin and Cork. 
Rugrats top - Forever 21
American Flag Bandeau - Bershka
Acid wash Denim Jacket - Only -€24.99
Floral T-shirt - New Look
Pink Kimono - New Look
Tweety top - h&m
Orange Vans- (sale) €37.99
Pineapple wallet- River Island
Floral bun ring- River Island
Hats - Penneys (lol that I'm considering wearing a hat though)
High Waist Bikini - Penneys.. expect this to be gone, bikinis like this don't seem to last long at all in the shops!

V bad quality OOTN picture from Thursday night :(
Top is actually a leotard which has tassells on it..hard to see in the pic! Its from Bershka, and the skirt is from Topshop!

funny pic from the night :) Theresa wasn't aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaable for my existence ahaha :)
You can kinda see the detail of the leotard more in this picture!

Absolutely weak for this jacket..when I saw it in Only (€24.98) I just had to have it! Tried it on and even did double denim for the whole day! 
Choker is from eBay
Crop top - Penneys
Jeans - River Island